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This flavor of JiShop is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices at the Apple App Store. Choose between three products:

JiShop Concise1006 characters (school list) Get it
JiShop Plus2136 characters (daily use list) Buy it
JiShop Advanced5100 characters Buy it

JiShop for iOS employs the same dictionary database as its Windows version, and shares a good deal of functionality. From version 4.0 it supports handwritten kanji recognition!

Last update: April 3, 2014. Release 4.30.

See the update history.

For project updates and feedback, please visit the JiShop page on Facebook. Also, we have a mailing list; to subscribe, provide your e-mail in the box below and click the "Subscribe" button.

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JiShop/iPhone screenshot


In the latest release, the following features are supported (recent feature additions in boldface):

  • Kanji search
    • By drawing kanji with your finger
    • By selecting kanji radicals (up to 4)
    • By reading (on or kun)
    • By English meaning (translation)
    • By reading or meaning with wildcards (added dots)
    • By stroke count
  • Compound word search
    • By kanji (up to 4)
    • By reading (in kana or in rōmaji)
    • By English meaning (translation)
    • Unified with kanji search
  • Radical table filtering:
    • By category
    • By radical interrelationship
    • By decomposition of a found kanji
  • Kanji information for lookup elsewhere
  • Internal hyperlinking
  • Radical information (on tap and hold)
  • Word pronunciation as speech (requires Internet)
  • Kanji stroke order diagrams
  • User-provided notes for kanji entries
  • Multiple-choice drill
  • Kana drill (in addition to kanji)
  • Compound word drill
  • Flash cards
  • Downloadable preset kanji groups
  • Group import and export:
    • To/from Dropbox
    • To nearby devices via WiFi or Bluetooth
    • From desktop JiShop

See also the full manual with screenshots.

The database of JiShop/iPhone is identical to that of JiShop/Windows.