Japanese-English electronic dictionary with special focus on kanji characters

Japanese-English kanji dictionary
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What users say
Home > Opinions
ASmallDog, USAApril 22, 2013

Great! - Love, love, love, love this app! The search is great, choose to search by handwriting, radicals, reading, meaning, stroke number or some combination of them. No app helps me find kanji so easily. I like that they also link to other kanji, click on part of a compound and it brings me to the character. The "decompose" feature makes learning the kanji so nice since it breaks it down so you can see what it is composed of. The stroke order opens up a large video showing the order as well. The audio and drills are nice. Quizzes for katakana, hiragana, and kanji. There are handy preset flashcards for JLPT, grade, kanji-by-meaning lists, as well as custom ones made by adding the kanji you want. Only things I wish it had that only Midori has; white board to practice drawing kanji right next to the stroke order, and the kanji used in several sample sentences. Either way 5/5!

DaShuffler, GermanyApril 2, 2013

I LOVE it!!! - I gotta say that this is one of the best App dictionaries I've ever downloaded and used! It contains almost every single kanji, its meaning, obsolute forms, pronounciations, audio recordings, readings, other words that contain it and so much more information! And the drawing scan works perfectly! It helped me to learn a few kanjis and the app even works without having internet! I wish I could give more than 5 stars :) Big ups to the creators of this application! I love you guys!

Richard Orozco, ItalyMarch 8, 2013

Great!! - It's more useful than I expected, worths every penny! Has all the kanjis you can imagine, it's very intuitive and also works great as a dictionary, the google translator has nothing to do in comparison, oh! and also shows you the strokes of every kanji, so nice!

えみや えいじ, USAMarch 4, 2013

Fast kanji search - I was using jisho.org for kanji lookup before. Now I prefer this over jisho.org for kanji lookup. I was able to lookup kanjis faster using this app than using jisho.org.Update: The handwritten kanji recognition is a very nice new feature. Searching is way faster than before. I must also say that the handwriting recognition is faster than Midori even. Thanks!

Pavan KumarFebruary 19, 2013

Awesome Kanji reference app.... One of the most useful resources for learning Japanese on Android platform. Thank you.

Quiver555, GermanyDecember 18, 2012

Best Kanji dictionary! - This is a great dictionary for looking up Kanji because of its unique radical search. If you are a Kaiji geek like me and want to know the exact breakdown and precise connotation of each (~5000) Kanji this is the way to go. For example, you'd spend several minutes or more if you wanted to find every Kanji that has the Naka 中 radical in it with a normal dict. With this you can just select the radical and you're done. The Kanji drill deserves more features and feels like a sidekick, but at least there is one. Highly recommended app overall!

Lewis ShepherdDecember 12, 2012

どうもありがとうございました Great app! Big help with trying to relearn the language I first learned in jr high.

Denexoidea Ideadenexo, GreeceJuly 26, 2012

Just tried JiPad - IT IS AMAZING. I can't begin to express how satisfied I am. JiPad coupled with my wacom tablet is like... pure magic. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. If anyone is serious on learning Japanese should try JiShop. It's money worth spending.

Taggart008, LatviaFebruary 28, 2012

Excellent - I highly recommend this to anyone who has any dealing with kanji. An excellent tool for japanese and a very advanced dictionary.

TheKnittingPolice, USAOctober 6, 2011

I love it to pieces... - ...because it takes kanji to pieces, and that's the easiest way for me to learn them. I upgraded to the full version, and wasn't sorry-it's a fantastic learning tool. I especially like the fact that I can save kanji into custom lists and review them at my leisure.

A Google UserAugust 26, 2011

Great value for money! The scope of this app is amazing and having all of this kanji information on a mobile platform means no more lugging heavy dictionaries around!

marathonianbull, CanadaApril 5, 2011

The Most Entertaining Kanji / Compounds Toy ; ) - I must have not only purchased, but also carefully tested almost all Japanese / Kanji learning programs available to date (April 2011) in the App store. Frankly, very few promising candidates have finally deserved a permanent spot in my iPad let alone my precious time away from family or work... JISHOP ADVANCED is a real gem: not as much for its perfectly awesome qualities as a Japanese / kanji dictionary, as for its truly POWERFUL and seemingly UNIQUE SEARCHING CAPABILITIES! I am not kidding, this toy is able to list all compounds containing a given kanji in second position out of let's say two, three, or four characters... I love it, and not a single glitch by the way! There could be some improvements, however: fonts for kanji are still too small on the iPad, and hard to read in spite of the increased real estate of the device (look at SHINKANJI, for instance); also, there are not as many rare compounds nor some handy examples yet (in comparison to the impressive MIDORI).