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Frequently asked questions

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Q:Why JiShop?
A:"Jisho" in Japanese means "dictionary." Or, when written as , it means "character dictionary." P stands for "program." Pronounce it as "G-Shop".
Q:Was the data in JiShop copied from any paper or electronic dictionary?
A:No. JiShop is a completely independent lexicographical work. Other dictionaries were used for reference only. Read "Why JiShop is the best" to see how much it differs from other dictionaries.
Q:How does JiShop vary in its data and functions on different platfoms?
A:Versions for all platforms share the same dictionary database. However, this database is being contantly developed. As not all JiShop flavors are renewed in the same time, the amount of data may vary slightly. Functions on different platform vary more than the data.
Q:Can JiShop display stroke-order diagrams?
A:JiShop is integrated with "Strokes," an application by Seva Alekseyev, which links JiShop to SOD resources available online. In JiShop for Windows, press Ctrl-O to run it from the dictionary entry window.


Q:Does one license cover all platforms?
A:No, unfortunately it doesn't. All flavors of JiShop are independent products, with separate licensing. A registration code for Windows would not work on iPhone, and vice versa.
Q:Will I have to buy a license for every new version?
A:By no means! One license covers all upgrades for a given platform.

JiShop for Windows

Q:What operating system can I use with JiShop?
A:JiShop can work under any version of Windows starting from 2000. Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 are OK.
Q:Do I need Japanese fonts installed on my computer?
A:You need them only for some extra features: rich text mode, printing, magnificaiton and kanji drill. For the basic dictionary functions, JiShop already contains built-in bitmapped fonts of all kanji and kana. If you prefer parametric fonts and have them installed, you can use them as well, after changing the settings.
Q:Can I input kanji directly from Japanese text on my computer?
A:Yes, you can use Copy-Paste for characters, compound words, or bigger fragments in Unicode.
Q:Can I input kanji by drawing them in IME-Pad?
A:Starting from version 7.0, JiShop contains its own written input tool, JiPad. But if you are used to IME-Pad and prefer it, you can use it along with JiShop. Before drawing, please make sure you have put the cursor into "Reading" box of JiShop main window. When the character you have drawn appears in this box, press the P button or Enter key.
Q:What files does the program contain? What fonts does it use? How does it support skinning? How does it check updates?
A:See "Technical details".
Q:What new features can we expect?
A:See "Plans".