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Version 8.0 is out!

January 12, 2019
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It took a year to develop this version of JiShop for Windows, and another year to have it properly tested. That's what it takes to move a huge piece of software to a new programming platform and drastically redesign the user interface. But it was definitely worth doing, as JiShop is now much more powerful, convenient and user-friendly than ever.

Another novelty is that JiShop for Windows is now available in Microsoft Store. This is important, because most people today do their best to avoid malicious software and download applications only from well-known sources. It took a lot of effort and time to comply with the demands of Microsoft Store, which even made us change some application features.

The main change is a new concept of JiShop Concise. We gave up the 30-day evaluation period, as after these 30 days, according to Microsoft Store rules, the application would completely stop running, instead of limiting the amount of kanji as it used to do. The scheme now is different: JiShop Concise shows 1006 kanji from Monday to Thursday (Concise level), 2136 kanji on Friday (Plus level) and all kanji on Saturday and Sunday (Advanced level). Such day-of-the-week approach is unusual and probably not so convenient for those who want to fully evaluate the software during the first several days, but it's definitely better for those who are happy with the free Concise version.

Read more about the new features of version 8.0.

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Vadim Smolensky