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Database completed!

November 10, 2021
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The release of JiShop 8.4 is a milestone in the project. All the 6355 kanji characters from JIS X 0208 computer set have acquired fully edited dictionary entries. A 20-year lexicographical marathon is finished.

When back in 2001 I decided to develop an original database which would make JiShop the best kanji dictionary ever, I didn't realize it would take me as long as twenty years. But I never regretted that decision. Today, JiShop is streets ahead of any other dictionary of its kind, either on paper or in software. Now it can be considered not just the best one but also the largest.

Of course, this is only an intermediate finish. There are even more kanji outside JIS X 0208, which are extremely rare and uncommon but still exist. They are already included in the database, with provisional definitions. Editing them will be one of our next challenges.

The new version offers you greatly improved flashcard features: multiple choice, manual input, and integration with JiPad written input. The application is one step closer to our ultimate goal: courseware based on progressive mnemonic techniques.

After nearly three years of offering the app via Microsoft Store, we have decided to discontinue this option as it didn't seem to be popular. JiShop Concise is back to its original 30-day trial period.

Stay with us. As always, your thoughts, ideas and criticism are most welcome. Contact us via e-mail or on Facebook.


Vadim Smolensky