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Download and setup

Home > JiShop Mobile > Download
Download and setup
Home > JiShop Mobile > Download

You can install JiShop Mobile in two ways - via a PC-based executable setup script (JISHOPPPCSetup.exe, 1.9 MB) or via a CAB file (JISHOP.PPC.CAB, 4.0 MB). For the PC-based setup:

  • Connect your mobile device to the computer
  • Start Microsoft ActiveSync (AKA "Mobile Device Center" under Vista/Win7), make sure the device is recognized
  • Download and run JISHOPPPCSetup.exe

To install JiShop from the CAB file:

  • Download JISHOP.PPC.CAB
  • Copy it to the device
  • From Pocket File Explorer on the device, run the file

To install JiShop Mobile, download and open the following file:

During the first run, JiShop Mobile will ask that you activate it.

The files above are for ARM-based devices only. Custom builds for exotic hardware - specifically, SH3-based HP Jornada and MIPS-based Casio Cassiopeia series - are available upon request.